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Foods to avoid if you have ANY health issue

Updated: May 3, 2018

If you have ANY medical condition or just don't feel like you're in optimal health, I urge you to consider eliminating some or all of the following types of food. These types of foods tend to be inflammatory and may be at the root cause of many chronic health issues. Some people are able to tolerate these types of foods more than others, but EVERYONE can benefit from eliminating these types of foods from their diet:

-- Processed Food: This is a no-brainer. Eliminate any foods from your diet that contain any preservatives, artificial ingredients and flavorings, etc. Processed foods are so far removed from how Mother Nature presents her food to us that they are for all intents and purposes completely devoid of any usable nutrition. This includes breakfast cereals, crackers, chips, etc.

-- Sugar: Removing all sugars from your diet (I'm not talking about fruit here) can only do wonders for your body. White sugar is more addictive than cocaine but as I have written about previously, it's easier than you might think to break a sugar habit. It only takes a few weeks to a month of being sugar free before you will become disgusted rather than enticed by walking down the candy aisle at your grocery store. Substitute white and brown sugar with healthier options such as: maple syrup, coconut sugar, raw honey, and stevia. These are ideally used in moderation as well.

-- Gluten: Since the inception of the widespread usage of Roundup in most 'First World' countries, Celiac's Disease and gluten intolerance have come into the mainstream awareness. It's best to avoid all wheat products, as they are so heavily sprayed with Roundup that the toxic glyphosate has crept into the food system.

If you're in a 'Third World' nation like Cuba or Ecuador, it's a different story. You might not have an issue with wheat products.

-- Soy: Practically all soy is genetically modifed in 'First World' nations. Soy throws off the hormone balance of the body by causing excess estrogen production.

-- GMO Corn: Again, many people who can't tolerate corn probably could 15 years ago. Due to the heavy pesticide spraying on the GMO corn, it should be avoided. Look for organic corn only.

-- Farmed Fish: Farmed fish are less nutritionally beneficial and may contain cancerous PCBs. For salmon, it's best to buy from Alaska (no fish farming allowed). For other fish, buy "Wild Caught" and hope for the best.

-- Dairy: Dairy products produce mucus in your body and leads to inflammation. Pasteurized dairy is completely devoid of the beneficial enzymes and probiotics of raw milk and becomes toxic to human health. Raw milk and raw cheese from reliable sources where you're sure the cows graze naturally are OK, but if you are suffering from any chronic health issue it's best to avoid dairy altogether.

-- Inorganic Produce: BUY ORGANIC when you can. Organic fruits and vegetables contain far less pesticide residue than conventional. And always wash your produce before consumption.

Also, if you eat meat, look for local, grass-fed beef. Conventional beef is from cows that eat GMO corn. If you don't want to eat GMO corn, don't eat animals that eat GMO corn. Bison, lamb, and goat are always grass-fed. Go for free-range chickens and turkeys only that are antibiotic-free.

Removing the above categories of problematic foods can only help you if you have any sort of chronic illness and you may actually find yourself feeling better in relatively short time once you remove the above foods. Even if you are happy with your health, it's worth considering removing or at least limiting some or all of the above problematic foods (processed foods at the very least!).

Note: I am not a doctor nor a healthcare professional. You should always consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before taking any health advice from me or anyone else on the Internet.

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