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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Happy Equinox and Super Full Moon! The Equinox becomes exact at 5:58 PM EDT (21:58 GMT) on Wednesday, March 20 and the Super Full Moon becomes exact at 9:43 PM EDT on the same day (01:43 GMT on March 21). A Super Moon happens when the moon is physically closer to the Earth than usual, thus amplifying its energetic effects.

The energy around this Full Moon feels auspicious, exciting, and energizing. It feels as if this is a celebratory time for Lightworkers, as if the fruits of our labors over the past several years are finally ready to be picked and enjoyed!

I have dubbed 2019 'A Breakout Year for Lightworkers'. The first quarter of this year has been all about clearing out energies, possessions, and people that are no longer needed; and taking some courageous leaps forward. This next quarter will really be about cultivating this year's energies and really beginning to thrive.

I know that there has been much hoopla amongst the Lightworkers communities about some sort of major event taking place around this Equinox. While I don't anticipate anything Earth-shaking happening on a global scale, I do encourage you to expect miracles to occur in your own lives!

Instantaneous healing of longstanding physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues is absolutely possible during this Equinox window. The energy is also favorable for unexpected financial windfalls; making a new romantic connection, friendship, or business partner; or resolution of deep-rooted interpersonal issues with others.

It's as if we are being given a clean slate energetically with this Full Moon and Equinox—whatever you don't want to carry with you further, you don't have to! The energies that we find ourselves acclimating to now are at a higher frequency than we've ever experienced before in our lifetimes. This energy will eventually 'fry' anything and all things that are out of Alignment.

This could mean that you suddenly rekindle with someone from your past, as they have suddenly found forgiveness and openness in their Heart; on the other side of the token, it could also mean that a relationship which was being held together by a string finally breaks up for good.


The Equinox is the day when day and night are of approximately equal length all over the planet. It is essentially a spiritual balance point. Thus, the more balanced your inner energies are, the more easily you are able to access the blissful energies that are available to you around this special astrological event.

I know that when I say “the more balanced you are” that can sound a bit vague. How does one know if one is balanced? If one is not balanced, how does one return to balance? Well here are some questions to ponder or journal on to help you negotiate this proposition:

- What is it that I long for? What if I could give the theme of that which I long for to myself? Is it really the outside thing that I am seeking or am I withholding something from myself until I get that thing in the world?

- What am I most critical of myself about? What if I could be just a little bit more forgiving and understanding of myself around those things that bother me about myself?

- What types of behaviors out in the world trouble me the most? Where do I feel powerless? How does this relate to what I see in the world? Are there any actions that I need to take in order to help me feel a little less powerless? What if I changed my thinking or beliefs—would this shift my feeling of powerlessness to a feeling of empowerment?

Part of becoming a mature, Ascending being is learning and adapting to no longer being triggered by the same triggers. Part of playing the game of being a human is that you inherit certain reactionary patterns from your parents and ancestors, which are then yours to transmute. When you no longer become triggered by something someone says or by something you see in the world, you have made it through a 'gate' and become more spiritually mature/refined.

When you choose to take a deep breath rather than snap back at someone; when you can find the Faith that all will work out fine rather than slipping into a spiral of fear and anger; or when you listen to the calling of your intuition and seize an opportunity that has been handpicked for you by a Higher Power: these are all sure signs that you are becoming a more refined, mature, and balanced being.

Do you still experience a lot of conflict in your life? Do you have any conflict? I can personally attest to transitioning from a life where conflict seemed like a necessary part of every day life to a life with little or no conflict. Peace is too valuable. A lack of conflict in your life is another sign of balance.

If you still do have conflict as a theme in your life, what is it that you could do on your end to perhaps dampen the fire of conflict? What would happen if you stopped reacting or answering to someone, or even blocked them? What might happen if you relented and accepted something that may not be completely to your liking, but is still OK and workable?

Choosing to take 'The High Road' is often what it takes to dampen the fire of conflict. Oftentimes, the theme is that a Lightworker engages with another who may not be at the requisite vibration to take 'The High Road'--so it is up to the Lightworker to take The High Road, lest he or she be felled into the negative spiral of conflict once again. If the world you want to see is conflict-free, then it must begin with you and your own personal landscape.


With the Sun entering fiery, optimistic, assertive Aries while the Moon is in charming, creative, and collaborative Libra, we have the perfect alchemy of astrological energies for us to really SHINE. If you have been feeling like you've been dormant or even hiding for awhile—perhaps working on yourself or perhaps just unsure of which direction to go in—this moon and Equinox could be a coming out party for you!

The time for hiding is over. For us Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers, Lemurians, and benevolent Atlanteans, it is time to finally poke our heads above the surface! It's OK! The 5th Dimension is here, and it can't be stopped!

This is the time for us Lightworkers to become more of a united group then ever before. Look, we're not all going to agree on everything, ever. We all have different beliefs and have had wildly different experiences—and that's OK! But what if we could allow ONE universal belief to unite us? If you are in support of the Light, stand up! Allow that one simple conviction to amalgamate us.

If there was ever a time to support each other, compliment each other, share each others' work, etc. it is now! The majority of HU-manity in reality has more in common with each of its individual parts than the parts tend to acknowledge. The vast majority of us—whether we identify as Lightworkers or think spirituality is silly or even dangerous—are in favor of Love over hate.

If HU-manity were one collective consciousness and every action, word, and thought you ever had either contributed to the liberation of HU-manity or the further enslavement of it, would you change anything about your day-to-day life? Would you be comfortable having that sort of responsibility? I know would be! And I AM! Who's with me?

You do have that sort of responsibility. Although you are an individual consciousness, you are also inseparable from the whole collective consciousness of HU-manity. To become aware of this perspective requires a maturing spiritual being in the advanced stages of his or her development. This is the fundamental invitation into Unity/Christ Consciousness.

Everything matters. YOU matter. The Ascension would literally not be possible without YOU! Yes, YOU! If the Ascension could happen without you, you wouldn't be here. That's how important you are. That's how vital each and every one of us is. This is the paramountcy of our responsibility as Lightworkers.

This is why I am imploring YOU to really rise to the occasion and to become all that you can be! I want you to realize your Earthly potential while in this lifetime! This includes all the 'grounded' things that you may or may not have been largely ignoring lately, like your physical health, your career/business, and your relationships.

Being a Lightworker in 2019 doesn't necessarily mean running away to some mountainside without a plan. You certainly have the option to do that. I've tried it; it is fun for a few days but it is not the answer to your misery or disconnect. This is a HU-man journey. Even if you a Starseed, you were ecstatic at the challenge and opportunity of squeezing your massive field of knowledge and experience into a dense HU-man vessel in order to bring that value and higher-dimensional experience to Earth!

So, if you feel like you have MORE to offer, allow this to serve as your reminder/wake-up call! It is time to channel that immense amount of potential energy that you are carrying with you into an avenue that can TANGIBLY serve HU-manity, like a business, a book, a class, a film, etc. We NEED you to channel that through and bring it into reality! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! <3

If you feel like you WANT this and you are READY, but you're not really sure how, I am here to help! The value of having a Spiritual Mentor to get you started or to help you move from where you're at to the next stage of your evolution cannot be understated. If this is giving you an inner 'YES!', I invite you to check out my Spiritual Mentoring program here.

And hey, if you do feel like you ARE excelling right now, or at least giving it your best effort, then congrats, and THANK YOU! We need YOU to be a leader and a shining example right now and into the future!

Regardless of whether you feel like you fall into the category of 'I haven't been doing enough' or 'I'm totally putting my best effort in', please take some time around this Full Moon/Equinox to give some Love out to your friends, family, and pets. Find a way to show them you appreciate them! You will find this appreciation that you give out coming back to you in unexpected ways from unexpected sources—perhaps even in the form of an unexpected chance meeting with a new friend, lover, or business partner.

Optimism is the theme here for this Full Moon/Equinox—are you feeling it?! It is a celebration of the victory of the Light which has already occurred, and a coming out party for so many Lightworkers, Indigos, and Starseeds! Welcome Home to 5D, beloved.

With All my Love,

Matthew John <3

Audio version featured on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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