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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Happy Equinox everyone!

The Equinox becomes exact at 9:54 PM EDT on Saturday, September 22 (01:19 on September 23 UTC).

Each time the season turns, it is a cause for celebration! In the Pagan tradition, the Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is celebrated as Mabon. It is a festival celebrating the middle of harvest season—a time to give thanks for and to indulge in the Abundance of crops.

You can take this literally and indulge in healthy fall fruits and vegetables like squashes and apples! Also, it is a time to take this figuratively and to give thanks for all the Abundance in your life right now.

Look in your refrigerator. Is it full of food? Visit your local supermarket—is it teeming with aisles and aisles of delicacies from around the world? This is really quite a miracle, but we often take it for granted. There are billions of people around the world who can barely afford to feed themselves and their families, and even then, they may only be able to survive by eating a meager diet of rice or junk processed foods.

Do you have friends and family in your life right now? I know, you want more friends and a new family (LOL), but on this Equinox, give thanks for the friends and family that you do have. Most of our Soul Lessons are worked out in relationships. No one comes into your life by accident. No one. So give thanks to Creator/God/Source for all of the social connections in your life, be them in person or online. If you'd like more clarity on your relationships and how these fit into your specific Soul Lessons for this lifetime, I'd highly recommend booking a Soul Plan Reading with me here. FINDING THE BALANCE

During the Equinox, day and night are of approximately equal length everywhere on the planet! This only happens twice a year. So on this celestial event of day and night being in perfect equal harmony, are you in perfect equal harmony?

If you had to guess, which side of you is more dominant: the intuitive, emotional Divine Feminine side or the logical, practical Divine Masculine side? It is easy to get lost in ONLY the Divine Feminine side of the journey, and to lose touch with the Divine Masculine side. Is this you? If so, I invite you to please join me for my payment-optional Awakening the Divine Masculine webinar coming up this Tuesday, September 25 at 4 PM EDT. Sign up here.

Here are some other Equinox-themed questions of self-inquiry that you can ask yourself. It might be helpful to journal about these:

-- Am I as grounded as I am idealistic?

-- Do I spend as much time taking care of my present-time Earthly responsibilities as I do meditating, reading spiritual books, and doing spiritual things?

-- Do I spend enough time expressing myself artistically on a consistent basis?

-- Am I taking the best care of my physical body? Does my diet need to be cleaned up? Am I drinking the cleanest water? I am exercising daily? Are there latent viruses, bad bacteria, or heavy metal toxicity within me that needs to be addressed? (If you would like assistance in this, I'm here to help! Book an Intuitive Nutrition Reading with me and you'll get a comprehensive healing protocol, including diet, supplements, exercise routine, lifestyle modifications, visualizations, and affirmations tailored exclusively for YOUR body. Book here.)

-- Do I spend as much time appreciating all that I have now as I do dreaming of more, desiring more, or being jealous of those who have more? Is my body satisfied with the amount of sleep I am getting? Is my body satisfied with what time I go to bed at night?

-- Do I spend as much time loving myself as I do giving to others?

-- Do I walk my talk? Is there anything I am preaching to others or posting on Facebook but not actually doing myself?

-- If I had to guess, which side of me needs most of my attention right now? The physical? Mental? Emotional? Or spiritual?

-- If I wanted to attract my ideal Twin Flame and we were to live happily ever after--am I honestly ready? Or are there things I still need to work on before I am ready? What would those things be?

These questions are simply meant to help you become aware of where you might have imbalances. Awareness is the first step to healing anything. Once you become aware of what it is that is imbalanced in your life, you can then take steps to become more balanced. This requires action, of course, but if you would like assistance in shifting any imbalances energetically, please book an Intuitive Healing & Coaching session with me here. VENUS IN SCORPIO

Venus is still in the middle of its transit through Scorpio. This means you could be experiencing a depth of emotions pertaining to a lover or ex-lovers; or if you're single, you could be feeling drawn to put yourself out there.

Remember that any depth of emotions you are feeling around the themes of romance and attachment are arising for a reason. Romantic relationships can be the most direct way that the Universe triggers emotions like sadness, grief, rage, and jealousy in you. Emotions always arise to be felt. In the feeling of the emotions fully, deep healing occurs. (As an aside, a reminder that feeling anger and range fully within the body allows healing to take place; while expressing them outward onto another person, animal, plant, or a piece of property actually guarantees you'll be feeling more of the same later, because it adds more karma rather than reduces it.)

No one comes into your life by accident. Every being dons a mask in YOUR play to create the exact circumstances necessary for you to play out specific karmic patterns your Soul has chosen for this lifetime. These are your Soul Lessons. Romantic relationships are one of the most potent ways in which these lessons are played out.

Sometimes lovers come into your life to change your course; some come into your life to stay for awhile, or a long time; while others come and go simply to help you re-negotiate your relationship with attachment.

When a relationship feels like it's over—when one or both parties don't desire it anymore—the absolute best thing that both parties can do for their well-beings is to terminate the relationship. Dragging something on that is long past its due date doesn't help anyone.

Sometimes two parties need to be separated for awhile before their Souls draw them back to each other. And sometimes these breakups are permanent. Only the Soul knows; it's all in your life plan. You've just got to go along for the ride. Wishing you infinite Love and Blessings on this Blessed Equinox. Matthew John

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