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Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Happy Solstice and Yule everyone!

We have been immersed in a super-powerful energetic gateway in the days leading up to this Solstice. It's been the final grand energetic portal of the 2010s, as our bodies and spirits are being further refined in preparation for the dawning of the sacred year of 2020. Many Lightworkers have been reporting exceptionally high levels of Ascension symptoms over the past few weeks (including yours truly). Stay hydrated, ground, and hang in there!!

I am going to focus this article on the significance of the Winter Solstice/Yule, since most of my readers are in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Pagan traditions, Yule is a festival celebrating the longest night of the year, and the return of the sun (as after the Solstice the daylight gets just a little bit longer each day). So, the Winter Solstice is seen not as a time of darkness but of rebirth!

Christmas, which of course is really based on the ancient tradition of Yule, is a celebration. To visit with family you don't see all year or to connect with loved ones in any way can bring joy and levity to your experience of life. People tend to be more jolly and grateful around Christmastime, which is just how the Pagans have been celebrating Yule for thousands of years. Solstice Day—Saturday, December 21 in the U.S.--is a great time to be extra grateful for all of the blessings in your life and to place your thoughts on exactly how you want to see your 2020 go. Who do you want to be in 2020? What do you want your life to look like in 2020? How do you want your 2020 to feel?

2020 is a 4 year in numerology, so what we want to be doing is creating the structure for the rest of the decade in our personal lives. Many Lightworkers will find the old structures of their lives crumbling away and feeling the nudge to take some leaps of faith and step into the career, relationships and environment that really makes their soul feel at home.

Wishing you a wonderful Solstice and Yule as we collectively celebrate the return of the sun! And a happy Summer Solstice to my friends in the Southern Hemisphere as well :)

With Love,

Matthew John

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