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Are You Drinking the Highest-Quality Water?

Water!!! Our bodies are about 60% water. Many people walk around being at least slightly dehydrated most of the time. Drinking enough water is absolutely crucial in the treatment of all dis-ease.

The quality and vibration of drinking water is not equal.

Here are some tips to increase the vibration and purity of your drinking water:

-- Use a filter that removes all impurities, including fluoride (I use a ProPur pitcher like this one:…) -- Avoid tap water (make sure there is a filter or drink bottled) -- Write "I Love You" or other positive words on your water pitcher or water bottle -- Write the codes "99 77 654" on one side and "44 66 111" on the other side of your water bottle and/or pitcher (mind the spaces). These codes are courtesy of the Reki Doc…/divine-healing-codes-and-ho… -- Perform Reiki on your water -- Simply thank your water

Adding a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to your water adds crucial minerals and makes your water into like a healthy sports drink!

Stay hydrated, especially when you feel like "it's upgrade time" and you are feeling the waves of new Light Codes coming through.

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