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30 Ways to Get Grounded!

Putting your bare feet on the ground is one of the best ways to get grounded!

As the energies streaming into our planet from the Sun and the Great Central Sun continue to intensify at a staggering rate, the importance of GROUNDING becomes more and more crucial. For those suffering from a seemingly endless stream of Ascension symptoms, grounding is an absolutely necessary practice to help your physical body and to increase your quality of life. Here are 28 easy ways to ground:

1. SPEND TIME BAREFOOT ON THE GROUND. This is by far the simplest AND most effective method. When your bare feet (or hands or any part of your body) are physically touching the Earth, you are directly electrically and vibrationally connected to the Earth and the Schumann Resonance that she continually vibrates. If you work from home or spend a lot of time on your laptop, set up your laptop outside on nice days and do your work with your bare feet touching the bare ground. You may or may not notice the effects, but in the long run it will make a big difference.

2. STAY HYDRATED. Water comes from the Earth! And we are of course 70% water! Adding a pinch of pink Himalayan salt to your water is a great way to stay hydrated and give your body essential minerals.

3. EAT GROUNDING FOOD. Meat and root vegetables are grounding--as are red fruits. But do yourself a favor and purchase organic, grass-fed meat and wild fish if you can afford it. Lean meats like bison, duck, deer and lamb are more likely to be grass fed. Grass-fed beef is good if it is from a reliable source. Wild fish, especially wild salmon is great!

Good root vegetables: sweet potatoes, yucca, daikon, carrots, turnips, beets, potatoes, carrots. Good red fruits: watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, apples. Be sure to incorporate some red into your diet each day! Rooibos tea is also terrific for grounding.

4. SUNLIGHT!!! Most Americans, Canadians and Europeans are Vitamin D-deficient, especially those living in Northern climates. I recommend getting at least 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure 3-5x per week to maintain healthy Vitamin D levels and also to ground and re-charge. Direct sunlight naturally recharges your chakras and detoxes your entire physical and energy body. Expose as much of your skin as possible to the sun–yes, if you live out in the country and have no neighbors, bare it all! If you live in a place where it is very hot, you may need to get your sunlight before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m. in the summertime. In the wintertime the middle of the day is best, as that way you will be getting both UV-A and UV-B rays! If you live in a cooler climate, mid-day is the best time of day year-round if it’s not too hot!

5. HUGGING TREES. Trees love to be hugged and I love hugging trees! Trees are our friends and want to connect with us! It is extremely grounding to hug trees. Wrap your arms around a tree for 30 seconds with your bare feet on the ground and you will feel different afterward!

6. CONSCIOUS BREATHING. Perhaps the simplest but most important method is conscious breathing. If you have a hectic schedule, please do yourself a favor and practice taking ‘deep breathing breaks’, where several times a day you stop whatever you’re doing to just focus on your breath for 30 seconds. Put your hand over your abdomen and just breathe in and out slowly and fully. All meditative practices which focus on the breath are very grounding.

7. CREATING A GROUNDING CORD OR GROUNDING ROOTS. Visualize a cord of light about 6 inches in diameter starting at your root chakra for men or your sacral chakra for women, and running it all the way down and connecting with the center of the Earth (you can visualize the center of the Earth as either a great sun or a solid crystal core).

Focus on this grounding cord for a minute or so, and then declare that it shall remain in place until the next time you meditate upon it again. Make it a practice to put your grounding cord in place every morning after you rise and every night before you go to sleep. You can make your grounding cord literally any color. Experiment with which colors make you feel best. You’ll find that some days, you feel drawn to go with one color, and other days a different color. Go with whatever feels right! Alternatively—or in addition—you can visualize roots growing out the bottoms of the soles of your feet and connecting deeply into the Earth. 8. FOCUSING ON YOUR FEET. Focusing on your feet while you walk or sit opens up your main foot chakras and is grounding. You can practice ‘becoming’ your feet–moving your conscious Awareness down into your feet. I find this a great practice to do while walking in nature, or just walking my dog down the sidewalk.

9. SPENDING TIME IN NATURE is one of the fastest and most effective ways to ground. Allow Mother Nature to absorb any negative energy you’ve accumulated in your energy field. Allow the negative ions of the Earth to detoxify your physical body. Spending an hour in nature 3-5x a week will make dramatic differences in your health and well-being!

10. SALT BATHS. Taking a 20-minute soak in warm water with 2 cups or more of Epsom salt or sea salt is a terrific way to ground. Also, bathing in salt water cleanses your energy field of negative energy and attachments.

11. SHOWERING. Running water contains negative ions, which is grounding and detoxifying. Taking a shower morning and night is not only hygienic, but grounding!!

12. PLAYING WITH ANIMALS AND CHILDREN. Playing with your pets and your children is very grounding. They are much closer to the ground than us adults!

13. YOGA, TAI CHI & QI GONG. These ancient practices bring you into alignment with the breath and the present moment. They are very grounding. 14. CONVERSING WITH OTHERS. Having conversations with others in-person is grounding because it brings us into the present moment. The sharing of laughter and love is grounding and healing.

15. EXERCISE AND PLAYING SPORTS. Physical exercise is grounding, as it brings you in touch with your body and the present moment. Playing sports for fun is great as the joy of playing and being present which others is very grounding.

16. GROUNDING CRYSTALS. Carrying and/or wearing grounding crystals is a great idea to help you with grounding. All black crystals such as hematite, black obsidian, black kyanite and jet are not only grounding but also protect your aura. Red crystals help with grounding as well.

17. GROUNDING SHOES. There are several websites out there which are selling handmade earthing sandals and shoes. Leather is conductive to the natural energies of the earth, while rubber is not.

18. GROUNDING MATS AND SHEETS. You can purchase grounding sheets and mats online, or you can make your own (there are YouTube videos showing how to do it and it’s pretty simple). Note: there are some concerns about dirty electricity if you are grounding through the grounding port in the electrical outlet. There is varying science on this issue, so do your own research. It seems like the safest and best option is to use a grounding rod in the ground itself, but you have to know what's below the rod and there can't be any wires near. Also you wouldn't want to use that during a thunderstorm. So do your research first.

19. DRUMMING AND PLAYING INSTRUMENTS. Making music is grounding, as it brings you into the present moment of the music you are co-creating. Making music with others is even better!

20. BEING CREATIVE. What do you love to do that lets those creative juices in you flow? Writing? Drawing? Painting? Singing? Practicing those creative passions brings you into Alignment with the Present moment and Joy--and is very grounding!

21. GROUNDING TONES. You can search on YouTube for the Schumann Resonance. There are several videos which have the Schumann resonance in binaural beats or tones. My favorite one is a video by Sapien Med, which you can find here.

22. SINGING. Singing Joyfully not only grounds you into the present moment, it clears out your throat chakra and helps to balance your thyroid!!

23. PRACTICING PRESENCE. When you are present, you are grounded. You can make any activity grounding if you can focus on the activity itself, and slow it down.

A great way to practice this is every time you eat. Slow down your eating and focus on chewing the food. Not only is this grounding, but it drastically enhances your digestive processes and allows drastically more vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed by your body! 24. 'PULLING DOWN EXERCISE'. Visualize forcefully pulling energy down through you in whatever way works for you. You can imagine a giant magnet below your feet, a giant vacuum cleaner, or a giant black hole forcefully pulling you—and everything that's on you—down into the earth. You can do this while you are sitting, lying down, or even walking.

You can check out the 'Pulling Down Exercise' by Dr. Larry Wilson here to read more about the benefits of running energy down. The benefits of doing this are extraordinary, as you will see if you read Dr. Wilson’s article. Benefits include detoxifying the organs, improved energy, and releasing etheric attachments. 25. HAVING A GROUNDED PERSON HELP YOU OUT. If you are lucky enough to be around someone who is energetically grounded, centered, and balanced, have them put their hand on your lower back for a little while and you will feel more grounded!

26. SMELLING GROUNDING ESSENTIAL OILS. You can use a grounding mix, or cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, or black spruce. You can also put diluted essential oils on your temples or on black clothing if you don't mind washing it out later. You can also use incenses.

27. WEARING GROUNDING COLORS. Black and red are the most grounding colors. You can wear them as t-shirts, sweatshirts, or even a creative! 28. FOCUSING ON YOUR EARTH STAR CHAKRA. Your Earth Star Chakra is the most important chakra you may have never heard of! It is the chakra that energetically ties you to the earth; it is black and is located between your feet about 8 to 12 inches below the ground when you are standing or sitting. You can ground yourself by visualizing this chakra. It's black and it should be about 6 inches in diameter.

29. HUMOR. This one's right up my alley, as a Leo Rising. Laughing every day is as important as eating food! Laughter grounds you into the physical world, because it alleviates any fear (at least momentarily), and your body feels safe to be here in the physical world. Put on one of your favorite funny TV shows or movies, or joke around with a good friend!

30. BE HERE NOW BY RAM DASS. This is not a book--it's an experience. You can't help but to feel grounded when you study the brown-colored pages and take in the few words that are on there. This is one of those must-have spiritual books for your collection.

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