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Updated: Jan 13, 2019

Happy New Year, Lightworkers!

You have probably been feeling a sense of excitement—and maybe also a sense of RELIEF—as 2018 has taken its final bow. For many, 2018 was a treacherous year. You may have been steeped in a Dark Night of the Soul; you may have experienced a breakup or decoupling; you may have been battling illness or just not feeling well; or you may have felt kind of locked up in what feels like an energetic isolation chamber.

Whatever your experience of 2018 has been, just know that you haven't done anything wrong! 2018 was energetically coded as a portal year—a year to transcend limitations, transmute karma, and to address all that within which is no longer in alignment with who you are to become in 2019 and beyond.

2018 held a deeply Scorpionic energy to it with Jupiter transiting Scorpio: it was a year of inner journeying. There were some depths of profound emotion that needed to be felt during 2018.

2019 on the other hand holds a very Sagittarian energy to it with Jupiter traveling through its own sign of Sagittarius. When a planet travels through its own sign, its energy is exalted: that makes 2019 super-Sagittarian!

Sagittarius is a very outwardly-oriented sign. It's all about exploration, expansion, newness, and freedom. We have the unique opportunity to take all that we learned about ourselves in 2018 and really show it to the world in 2019!

It's been remarkable how many brothers and sisters who have booked readings or healing sessions with me over the past few months have been thinking about either decoupling, traveling, relocating, changing careers, starting their own business, or all of these. It's no coincidence, with us moving into this breakout year of 2019!

If you have been thinking of doing any or all of the above, know that the energies are perfectly aligned for this to happen. I myself am going to be relocating during 2019 and I can't wait! Follow your Heart to where it feels like you belong. Follow your Soul's guidance to be doing what it feels like is Aligned.

We can no longer afford to wait, put off, or pretend. The energies have gotten far too intense, if you haven't noticed. If you aren't willing to make the moves that you know are aligned with your future, the Universe is likely to crank up the heat until it just becomes too damn uncomfortable to remain where you are or to keep pretending any longer.

2019 is a '3' year in numerology. The number 3 is associated with Joy, Creativity, Expression, and Passion. 3 is also a number of Alignment. You may have heard that the Universe is made up of 3,6, and 9. We find triangles everywhere in sacred geometry. Another way to look at it is that 3 represents the Holy Trinity (this doesn't necessarily need to be only a Christian concept). In the tarot, the '3' cards in the minor arcana represent growth, celebration, teamwork, and emotional connections.

Let's talk more about that teamwork aspect, as this is a theme that is quite relevant to 2019, as it will be a particularly auspicious year for networking and creating new supportive relationships. If you are a spiritual practitioner, you may feel called to collaborate more with colleagues in 2019. You may feel drawn to attend spiritually-themed gatherings or to sign up for new classes. While 2018 was a year of solitude for many Lightworkers, 2019 will be much more social.

Many Twin Flames will be re-uniting in 2019. If it's in your Life Plan for your Twin Flame Ascension journey to begin this year, then it will. You will be led to the exact place to meet your Twin and your Twin will likewise be led where and when to meet you. (By the way, if you're my Twin Flame, send me an e-mail so we can meet up LOL).

The Twin Flame Ascension journey can truly commence only when each half has done enough of its own inner work to be ready to fully receive the other half. So, if you've been yearning for that Twin Flame connection and it just hasn't happened yet, it's precisely because you still have more inner work to do.

When the Twin Flame Ascension journey commences, the individual Ascension journeys do not cease. The two individual Ascension journeys rather become intertwined, like a double-helix. Of course, on another level the two seemingly separate journeys were already intertwined before the physical meeting took place. The individual Ascension journeys become inseparable from the Twin Flame Ascension journey, yet both aspects of the Ascension journey still exist and move forward with unceasing momentum.

The next step following the Twin Flame Ascension journey is the journey of Ascending collectives. We have high-vibe intentional communities dotted across the planet now, but over the next 20 years we will start to see more and more. I believe that they will start to look and feel more like the types of communities you might find on the Pleiades, with everyone working together for the common goals of good nutrition, peace, healing, detoxification, and Ascension. They will be totally self-sustaining.

2019 could look on the outside like somewhat of a chaotic year, as the structures of old continue to crumble. Just as individually we are each seeking freedom in 2019, the planet as a collective shall be seeking more freedom as well. Those who are asleep won't necessarily realize what they actually want to be free from, but it may manifest as more protests and civil unrest like we saw in France recently.

There's no more time to wait for the space ships to come and save us. If you have been someone who has been putting your dreams on hold either in anticipation of 'The Event' or of some sort of worldwide economic collapse, I'm here to ask you to consider waking up from that perspective. We are CREATING the New Earth, not waiting for it to be created for us! Creating the New Earth starts with each and every one of us. Each and every one of you reading this article is an Ascending Being. As an Ascending Being, you carry a far greater responsibility than those who are asleep. You are the ones who are ready to create this New Earth!

You must start with yourself. What in your life needs to be re-created? What in your life is not working anymore? Yes, there are things that you can't change, or seem to be keeping you from living your best life. So maybe you have to work around or through some discomfort. Maybe you have to keep trying, and trying, and trying again. These difficulties all carry immensely important spiritual lessons with them. It's part of the reason why you're even here! Please know that if you never give up on your dreams, you are doing yourself and the planet a wonderful service.

So, the gloves are off now, 2019 is here! It's time to move, to play, to be in joy, to be emotionally authentic, and to take off all the masks!

Wishing you Love and Blessings and a Happy New Year,

Matthew John

Featured in audio form on Higher Self Channel and Higher Self Portal.

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