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Updated: Jan 12

Happy New Moon in Capricorn! This first New Moon of 2024, at nearly 21 degrees of Capricorn, becomes exact at 6:57 AM New York time (11:57 GMT) today, on 1/11—Thursday, January 11, 2024.

This first New Moon of the New Year serendipitously occurs on the numerologically significant date of 1/11—a date that we can harness to re-align with the Ascension energies, and to re-attune to the Divine Blueprint of our soul. The code ‘111’ is the Ascension code—and is as such throughout the galaxy (and possibly the Universe), as far as I understand.

Capricorn is about the material world, the earth, structures, and legacies. It is the cardinal earth sign, as it initiates the season of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It is ruled by stubborn, serious Saturn. Saturn is the builder, and it is also in charge of legacies and structures. It is also the planet of karma.

Capricorn's glyph—or symbol—is that of a 'Sea Goat'--with the horns of the mountain goat and the tail of a fish. It is the ruler of the 10th House in astrology, which is the House of Ambition/Social Status. The Midheaven (or MC) sits at the beginning of this house. The 10th House rules over our career and how we act, show up, and are perceived in the outside world.

Capricorn season is a great tine to connect with the natural world and animals in all ways. Go on walks in nature, and give your animal companions all the love and attention that you can!

Capricorn season is also a great time to deal with all things practical, and all things related to health. With Mercury this week starting to exit its Post-Retrograde Shadow Phase, it’s now less about re-addressing to-do lists and problems from the past, and more about establishing rituals and habits that will put you in the best position to have the most successful and healthiest 2024 (more on this later in this article).

On this New Moon, the sun and moon trine innovative Uranus, still Retrograde in Taurus. Capricorn is very practical, but Uranus’s trine is encouraging us to be creative and inventive over the next 28 days—it’s the perfect time to find creative solutions to real-world, practical issues that we are facing. We are also feeling inspired to create a life that is uniquely ours.

We have a really wonderful Minor Grand Trine on this New Moon, as Mars (in Capricorn), Saturn (in Pisces), and Jupiter (in Taurus) all meet in this benevolent, supportive and opportunistic aspect. Quite honestly, it’s as if the Universe is rolling out the red carpet for us to manifest our dreams this year! This goes along very well with 2024 being an ‘8’ year in numerology—a year of good fortune.

2024 is likely going to be a wild year! It is absolutely a very opportune year for the experience of abundance and personal success—but it is also likely to be a year of war, strife, natural disasters and tragedies around the planet.

If you’d like to educate yourself on what’s likely ahead for the rest of 2024, please check out my very comprehensive 2024 Astrology Preview, SHOCKING World Predictions, Sirian Channeling & Highest Timeline Activation here.

Let’s discuss the topics of getting on your path and expressing your uniqueness more in-depth.


As I mentioned, innovative, expressive, and idealistic Uranus is trining the sun and moon, giving us an inspiration to craft a life that is uniquely ours. With the North Node in aggressive, individualistic, leadership-oriented Aries squaring the sun and moon in cautious Capricorn, we may be feeling an inner push (or even an angst) to get on our path, sooner than later.

2024 itself is a year geared toward personal actualization, as the ‘8’ numerology is associated with personal success and triumph, and with the North Node in Aries for the entire year, we feel a determined zest to actualize our potential this year.

Capricorn can be emotionally cold, and with this intense square, we may get into arguments with others where we feel the need to assert our independence (or vice versa, with others feeling the need to assert their independence on you).

We are feeling like we want to be free in all ways. Truths are being revealed right now (for example, the redacted names from the Jeffrey Epstein trial being released); people are desiring to know the truths about things more and more now. On a personal level, this may be the time when you can discover important truths about yourself (or your job or family)--whether they be ‘mundane’ (practical) or spiritual matters.

Censorship will be a big theme in 2024—especially after Jupiter moves into Gemini in late May. Censorship will likely get worse this year than in recent memory. But there is an ever-strengthening countereffort being made to maintain free speech, and to augment true free speech platforms.

With Venus in expressive, courageous Sagittarius trining an exalted Chiron in Aries (still in its Post-Retrograde Shadow Phase), we have a wonderful opportunity to transform our proudest passions (especially those that involve spiritual skills and travel) into a sustainable business/career. Many of you are going to want to do that in 2024.

If I can help you with that, please e-mail me at to purchase my How to Be a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur webinar OR to have a private reading with me!

Here are some useful journaling questions to help you hone in on the themes of your unique path and your freedom:

  • What makes me uniquely me? Why am I different?

  • In what ways does my unique experience of life put me in a position to be uniquely of Service to humanity?

  • In what ways do I feel like I am pretending to be someone I’m really not? Are there certain people in my life whose presence turn me into a ‘fake’ version of myself?

  • Are there relationship(s) that I feel like my soul is asking for me to move on from (or to go about experiencing in a very different way)?

  • How would it feel to be truly, authentically myself in every way?

  • What sort of career(s) would most effectively allow me to express my most authentic self?

  • In what ways in my life do I feel the need to break free?

  • How do I envision my future, if I were going to be that most authentic and unique version of myself?


Now that the festivities of the New Year have passed, Capricorn season is making us get super realistic and take stock of where we’re at—and where we’re going.

Here are some great journal questions to help you make sense of both of those ends:

  • Do I feel like my current living environment is supporting my highest evolution? If not, then what needs to change? Do I need to clean or reorganize? Do I need to relocate? Do I need to live with different people (or alone)?

  • Do I feel like my current job or career is supporting my highest possible evolution? If not, then what might be the highest possible resolution to my career path? If it's not logical to leave my current occupation at this time, then how can I plan to make a transition to a new career in the future? What steps can I get started with now?

  • What is my current financial situation, from a realistic and grounded standpoint? What steps do I need to take to improve my finances (e.g. saving more, reducing costs, attracting a higher-paying position, investing, creating a side hustle)?

  • Which interpersonal relationships of mine need work (e.g. partner, family, friends, business associates, neighbors)? How would these relationships ideally look and feel? What practical steps could I take to improve these relationships?

  • Do I feel like the people I spend the most time talking to and associating with are supporting my highest evolution? If not, then how might I put myself into a position where I can attract more supportive people into my life?

  • What baggage am I currently carrying that has gotten too heavy for me to carry any longer?

  • What changes do I feel like my Higher Self or soul is asking for me to make over the next year?

  • Who do I want to become by the end of 2024? What does my vision for the happiest, healthiest, and most successful version of myself by the end of 2024 look like?

  • Do I feel like my daily habits are currently supporting my highest possible health and highest possible evolution overall? If not, which supportive habits might I be able to add to my daily repertoire that would put me back on my highest possible path?

  • What is my body asking of me? Better nutrition? More exercise? More sleep? Better sleep? Less stress? More deep breathing? Fasting? Cleansing? All of the above?

  • What kind of plan could I put together to give my body just what it needs to heal, grow and flourish over the next year (and beyond), regardless of what is going on in the outside world right now?


Aristotle didn't actually say “You are what you repeatedly do,” but irregardless of the fact that this famous quote has been misattributed, it is still a wonderful piece of wisdom! If you want to make long-lasting changes in your life, it requires repetition.

Here's why: the subconscious mind actually manifests 95% of your reality. This part of your mind is formed pretty much completely between the ages of 0 and 7, when our brains are predominately in a Theta wave state. The thoughts and beliefs of our parents, caregivers, and even the media end up forming the template of our subconscious mind.

If we don't do the healing work, this subconscious mind will continue to manifest the same sorts of problems and frustrations for us over and over again. Only 5% of our thoughts come from the input of the conscious mind, so that's why making lasting change in your life requires a lot of deliberate repetition.

During Capricorn season, it is natural to become more aware of which sorts of activities and addictions that have become a normal part of your life are slowing you down and holding you back. Our focus especially goes to the physical body—what sorts of things are going to help you achieve new levels of health and well-being?

Once you've identified those daily activities that aren't supporting your highest evolution, the next step is to of course figure out which new rituals you can implement that will allow you to shift those hardened subconscious patterns that control 95% of your life.

One of the overlooked principles of co-creation is that a small input can create a large output. Meaning, it only takes a few minutes per day of a new supportive rituals in order to make a significant change in your life. Just a few minutes of meditation per day, for example, can cause a wonderful improvement to your health and well-being.

With our supportive rituals, we can also keep the planet in mind. With Uranus in earthy Taurus trining the sun and moon, we may be feeling inspired to contribute toward planetary conservation. It’s a great time to re-commit to composting, recycling, reducing your waste, or volunteering to help clean up the streets (or nature) around your community.

Here are some ideas for supportive daily rituals you can implement in 2024:

  • Meditating/visualizing first thing in the morning prior to checking your phone

  • Setting daily morning intentions

  • Drawing a daily tarot or oracle card

  • Daily exercise routine

  • EFT tapping

  • Juicing

  • Dry brushing

  • Rebounding

  • Grounding exercises

  • Yoga or tai chi

  • Gratitude journal

  • Journaling your thoughts before bed

  • A dream journal

  • A daily artistic practice (e.g. drawing or creative writing)


With Venus in romantic, courageous, forward Sagittarius trining the exalted Chiron in assertive Aries, the next 28 days (and especially the next two weeks) are a time where many Lightworkers may meet a new soul-guided romantic partner!

If you’re someone that is into doing magick or rituals to help ‘nudge’ the Universe along, now is a great time to do romance spells, if that’s something you’re looking to add into your life. If you’re not sure how to do white magick, e-mail me at for my Witchcraft 101 class!

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling New Moon in Capricorn—and a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling 2024!

With Love,

Matthew John

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