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When to Offer Love or to Walk Away are the Only Choices

The Soul has no need for forgiveness, because the Soul knows that those who hurt you the most did so in Service to you. And those that you hurt the most, you did so in Service to them.

Your Soul made sacred Soul Contracts with others, especially in your Soul Group, to trigger certain feelings of pain, loss, jealousy, grief, terror, etc. in order to allow an opportunity for your Soul (and you) to learn, grow, and choose to respond differently.

This is not an invitation or a 'free pass' to hurt others 'because it must be your Soul Contract to do so'; rather, as you begin to see the perfection in the most deplorable, unfair, and downright cruel actions of those who hurt you the most, you will choose to never hurt another Being again. And when you make that choice, you free yourself from the karmic play of attack and retribution.

When you realize the only masterful responses to any situation could only be to offer Love or to walk away (and this includes protecting yourself first and always if you are ever in physical danger), you will have attained a certain level of Spiritual Maturity that puts you well on the road to Spiritual Mastery. To respond to a negative with a negative creates new karma; to respond to a negative with a positive or neutral dissolves karma. This is a Sacred Lesson we are all here to learn, practice, and master.

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