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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! This New Moon in approximately 12 degrees of Aquarius, conjunct Saturn and square to Uranus, becomes exact on Tuesday, February 1 at 12:45 AM New York time (5:45 GMT). This New Moon marks the Lunar/Chinese New Year, and falls the morning prior to Imbolc, the festival that marks the beginning of Springtime in the Northern Hemisphere.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign that is associated with equality, group consciousness, technology and the Higher Mind. It is represented symbolically by The Water Bearer--a healer that pours healing waters onto the land to reach everyone and everything (The Water Bearer is depicted clearly on The Star card in the tarot). It is an optimistic sign that reminds us of our highest potential, especially in groups and as one collective human race.

We are reminded that even when it seems like we are all alone, we really aren't, because we are all spiritual beings having a human experience--and we are inseparable from the collective consciousness of our human race on this planet.

The Aquarian energy requires teamwork to really thrive. We are all individuals on individual healing and Ascension journeys, but we are also one collective on a collective Ascension journey. It is not possible to separate yourself from the whole.

How are you contributing to the healing of the planet and of the human race on a daily basis? The more you are contributing, then naturally the more whole you are going to feel, because you will be fulfilling the exact mission you came here to realize.

Do you make time on a daily basis to do something nice for someone else, or to say something nice to a fellow human? Do you make it a habit to wish people around you blessings of healing or happiness? Are you a good listener? Are you willing to hear others' perspectives? Do you donate money or time to help those in need at least once in awhile?

Unlike Aquarius' polar opposite Leo, where the inflated ego is celebrated, Aquarius encourages the deflation of egos so that the many can merge into the one. During this Aquarius season, we feel called to connect with others and to form groups with like-minded people.

With this New Moon's conjunction to long-term-minded Saturn (ruled by Capricorn), this 28-day New Moon cycle is the perfect time to form groups, create our Service Work, create new relationships, and create new supportive health routines that will benefit us and humanity for the long-term.

The two innermost planets of Mercury and Venus are stationing Direct in the days around this New Moon, thus making those two planets exalted. During the Mercury and Venus Retrogrades, communication and connection with others has been unusually difficult, especially with both planets spending at least a part of their Retrogrades in stubborn, Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Miscommunications have been at an all-time high over the past few weeks. Let's talk more about these crucial planetary Stations.


Venus (ruled by Taurus) Stations Direct in Capricorn on January 29, ending its month-long Retrograde period. During the week before and after Venus' Station (and especially the few days directly before and after) we can expect difficulties in romantic relationships and potentially making poor financial decisions.

As Venus starts to (apparently) speed up and go back Direct, issues in romantic relationships may start to resolve on their own. For those relationships that were struggling and experiencing rockiness during the Venus Retrograde and were able to make it through, things very well may smooth out over the coming weeks, especially after around February 8. If they don't, it may be further indication that the relationship may have reached its expiration date.

A very exciting part of this New Moon chart is that the stationing, exalted Venus forms a supportive trine with Uranus—the ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the planet of spontaneity and the unexpected. When positively aspected as it is here, it can mean unexpected surprises in romantic relationships. It is also an exciting time when new relationships can magically begin, especially those that form around shared visions.

Another exciting thing that is happening with Venus is that it is beginning its close conjunction with Mars. From now until the end of March, Venus and Mars don't move any farther than 5 degrees of orb away from one another, as they move together (both Direct).

Venus is the feminine and Mars is the masculine (hence the saying 'men are from Mars, women are from Venus). This could be a beautiful time for the cultivation and growth of romantic relationships—especially those that are supposed to make it long-term—with the Saturn conjunction.

One caveat is that Chiron, the Wounded Healer—which is still making its years-long journey through masculine Mars-ruled Aries—sextiles the sun and moon but squares Venus and Mars. This signals that there may be opportunities for healing of childhood and past-life wounds to come up—especially those around father wounds.

The opportunities for the healing of these wounds will show up most obviously in romantic relationships. Keep in mind that every emotional trigger that you experience is always an opportunity for healing and awakening (just don't ever let yourself be abused).

As they travel together through Capricorn, the focus for relationships is still on how to make things work on a real, grounded level—including living situation, career stuff, and finances. When they enter Aquarius together, the focus will be more on cultivating and building upon a shared vision/purpose.

Mercury (ruled by Gemini) Stations Direct in Capricorn on February 4, ending its three-week-long Retrograde phase through both Aquarius and Capricorn. This has certainly been a powerful Mercury Retrograde. Miscommunications and technological issues have been abound during this period. These will continue pretty strongly up until around February 11, then will wane as Mercury continues to speed up in its apparent motion in the sky.

In fact, we have a rare period with all planets Direct from February 4-April 29. This represents a period where it will be easier to move forward in all manners in our lives. It will be the time during the arriving spring here to really move forward with all of our goals for the year that we made at the beginning of 2022.

Now is the perfect time to focus on creating your Service Work (or dharma) in the world.


The Aquarian energies are intending to really bring us into communion with our Service Work. Service Work is a broad term that covers all the positive work you are meant to do on this planet; all the people, animals, and environments you are meant to help; and the positive legacy that you are meant to leave behind. It is your unique physical and vibratory contribution to the healing and Ascension of the collective consciousness of humanity.

With Saturn conjunct the sun and moon, it is the perfect time to put into motion your Service Work that will benefit yourself and humanity for the long-term.

It can be helpful to define your Service Work in a single sentence. For me, my Service Work is to assist in the freeing and Ascension of humanity by working with Lightworkers at all different levels of knowledge, skill, and awareness, to help them learn occult knowledge, heal their inner wounds, create their Highest Destiny, and step into their Service Work.

How would you define your Service Work in a single sentence? Here are some questions to get you thinking:

- Who or what do I feel most called to help? (e.g. alcoholics, the elderly, children, animals, rivers)

- I feel most fulfilled when I ___(service work)____.

- Which skills or talents do people most often ask me to use on them?

- What do I feel like is my mission on Earth? (If you're not really sure, then guess.)

- What type of legacy do I want to leave behind? What is the one thing that I have to help heal or improve (for other people, animals, plants, the planet or society) before I leave the planet?

Go ahead and write down your Service Mission and keep it somewhere special.

So many of us have Service Work that has to do with technology. Hey, if it weren't for technology you wouldn't be reading this article right now! Let's discuss the role of technology in the Age of Aquarius.


As I stated earlier in this article, Aquarius also rules the domain of technology. We currently find ourselves at the beginning stages of a technological revolution the likes of which we haven't seen since Atlantis.

Artificial Intelligence is very likely going to infiltrate business and daily life more and more as time marches on during this decade, whether we like it or not. From an astrological standpoint, this AI Revolution is being precipitated by the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius that occurred on December 21, 2020, ushering in 20 years of rapid technological growth. It will be interesting to see how all of the new technology plays out in society over the next decade and beyond—there will be an interesting interplay between technology that restricts us (Saturn) and that that empowers us and helps us to grow and expand (Jupiter).

With Saturn conjuncting this New Moon, there's an emphasis on the effects of restrictive technology (as well as restrictive mandates and laws, which also falls under the realm of Saturn in Aquarius). With Uranus squaring this New Moon and trining masculine Mars in Saturn-ruled, hard-headed Capricorn, there is rebellion in the air. Over the past few days there was a massive anti-vaccine mandate protest going on in Ottawa, led by a convoy of trucks that had traveled from west to east across Canada.

It's likely that more anti-vaccine mandate and anti-COVID-related restriction protests will unfold across the world over the coming weeks.

The New Earth that I see us living on has a healthy integration between technology and nature—between the artificial and the organic. The technology enhances human life without disrupting the natural rhythms of nature or the human body. Right now, we are far from that being the case, as most of our technology harms the planet, her ecosystems, and human health. But there is a small but growing countermovement to create eco-friendly technology, as well as a countermovement of protective mechanisms against harmful ambient radiation and that caused by our modern communication devices.

It will be interesting to see how AI and technology in general plays out in our society over the next decade and beyond. One of the real positive things about the Internet and smartphones, for example, is that it allows Lightworkers and Starseeds from around the world to gather in virtual communities, to share information and good vibes. These virtual communities remind us that although sometimes we can feel like an island in our family, at work, or in our neighborhood, that there are people like us all over the world. And perhaps you'll even make a new spiritual friend online that does live locally!

And of course so many Lightworkers, including myself, have found the Internet as the perfect way to express and ground our Service Work into the Earth Grid. When you step more fully into your Service Work, you will naturally unravel any of the shadow aspects of Aquarius, like martyrdom.


One of the shadow aspects of Aquarius is the trap of martyrdom. Can you recall a time in your life when you've fell into the trap of exaggerating, wallowing in your suffering? Do you know people in your life who are constantly allowing themselves to sink into this state?

The real culprit in martyrdom is what lies beneath it and creates it: a low sense of self-worth. When you truly value yourself, you will never find yourself sinking into martyrdom, victimhood or codependency.

When one truly finds their self-worth, they realize deeply that that feeling of worthiness can never be found in other people. You must realize that your so-called faults, deficiencies or shortcomings are beautiful and divine.

It is easy to pick yourself apart, but it takes discipline, dedication and courage to lift yourself up. This is a vital part of the Ascension game—to learn to step out of self-criticism and looking for fulfillment outside the self--and into self-appreciation and a healthy self-esteem that comes from within.

If you can learn to truly enjoy your own company, then you will never be alone, regardless of who comes into or exits your life. If, however, you've found yourself in a state of martyrdom or codependency with someone in your life, then cutting cords can be a helpful exercise.

Cutting (or better off, removing) cords between yourself and another works, though the caveat is that if there are still negative emotions like martyrdom, jealousy, resentment, overattachment, etc. present then the cords will come right back. It's the emotions and beliefs about another person's role in your life that keep the cords in place.

Which people in your life do you intuitively feel you have negative cords with? These people are most often parents, partners, ex-partners, close friends, and business associates. This Aquarian energy is encouraging us to free ourselves from negative cords with others, while keeping the positive, life-enhancing and vitalizing cords that we have with others.

Please note that cutting negative cords with someone doesn't mean your relationship with that person necessarily ends. Cutting cords tends to improve relationships, though if there's someone that is consistently treating you in a way you don't deserve, then cutting them out of your life may be necessary, as cutting cords may not change much (and if you do cut them out of your life, then it's wise to still cut cords anyways).

You can cut cords on your own using meditation. My favorite method is to literally call upon Archangel Michael to come forth and cut and remove each negative cord from each chakra that has one (usually there will be a cord in each of the lower five chakras, but not always).

Please note that if you cut cords with another but don't deal with the feelings that created the cords in the first place, then the cords will come right back. The trick is to identify which resentments you are holding against that person, or if there's guilt, jealousy, overattachment, fear or martyrdom present. Freeing yourself from these feelings will free yourself from the cords. The most powerful route to this freedom is through true forgiveness. I did a whole webinar on true forgiveness here.


The dualistic age of Pisces officially gave way to the New (Golden) Age of Aquarius on December 21, 2012. Over the next few decades, we will see all of the systems of control on this planet—which were built to drain vital life energy from the people—shift to supportive, life-giving structures of governance and economics. We will see our planet transform from a toxic, polluted place where the majority of the population are sickly, underfed, or depressed into a clean, healed world where all people live in peace and harmony and have more than enough to not just survive, but to thrive.

The 5th-dimensional energies of acceptance, nonjudgment, compassion, and service-to-other send out the frequency of Unity, which energetically creates a supportive Field for more and more beings to wake up, through the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome.

This is precisely what is happening now. Every time you help someone out of the kindness of your Heart; every time you love the earth; every time you visualize world peace and healing for the planet; and every time you heal yourself, you are contributing to the frequency of Love that will literally free HU-manity from hundreds of thousands of years (or longer) of energetic slavery through the mass awakening of an entire planet of beings.

Chances are we still have some tough years ahead of us as a human race, but we are going to be the ones who will build the New Earth, through Love, Unity, Innovation and Willpower.

So, let's focus on teamwork, collaboration, and connection over the next 28 days. Step outside of your comfort zone to connect with others where there might be surface-level differences. Pray for and visualize the healing and Unity of humanity. Post positive, uplifting, and enlightening things on social media. Make others feel welcome dand appreciated. Dish out compliments left and right—put a smile on others' faces.


This New Moon squares Uranus with just over 1 degree of orb. Uranus has been forming a lot of aspects with lunations over the past 18 months or so. Uranus—ruled by Aquarius—is the planet that rules over unexpected events (including geopolitical ones), rebellion and social change.

We have a really precarious situation brewing along the Russia-Ukraine border. I do feel that an invasion is imminent. This feels like a reverberation of the Uranus square, from an astrological standpoint. Let's pray for peace though; war benefits no one except for the super-elite.


The North Node of the moon, which has now moved fully into Taurus, trines Pluto and the exalted, stationing Mercury in Capricorn. It's possible we could hear some news over the next 28 days—something that was relatively hidden coming to light—that benefits humanity.

The Pluto return for the United States becomes exact in mid-February. Domestic instability is always on the table when it comes to a nation's Pluto Return, however I don't feel that any major weird events are imminent stateside, especially with Pluto having a benevolent influence in this New Moon chart.

However, with the Lunar Nodes having switched to the Taurus-Scorpio polarity and the Pluto return imminent, a stock market crash is always a looming possibility.


2022 is the year of the Yang-Water Tiger. The Tiger in Chinese Astrology is associated with Martian-esque aggression, courage and forwardness. 2022 is ruled by the water element, making it a year of change. So, according to Chinese astrology we could see a year of violent upheavals around the world.

I do see a year of big changes on the planet, especially in the realms of finances, geopolitics and natural disasters. For more on my predictions for 2022, check out my 2022 preview video.


In the Northern Hemisphere, Imbolc, the Pagan celebration of springtime, begins on the evening of February 1 and continues on February 2 (Groundhog's Day in the United States). It is also known as St. Brigid's Day in Gaelic tradition, and it takes place approximately halfway between the Winter Solstice and Spring (Vernal) Equinox.

Imbolc is a time to focus on new beginnings, the Divine feminine, and the fire element. It is tradition to make a Brigid's cross for Imbolc. Here in Western New York it certainly doesn't feel like spring, but Imbolc is a wonderful reminder that warmer weather is right around the corner!

Wishing you a wonderful New Moon in Aquarius, a Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year, and a Blessed Imbolc!

With Love,

Matthew John


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