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Happy Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius! This Full Moon became exact (and the Eclipse peaked) at 4:20 PM EDT (20:20 GMT) on Friday, July 27.

Eclipse season is all about change and transformation, both on an individual and planetary scale. As I wrote in my article reviewing the Solar Eclipse of a fortnight ago, the landscape of your life could very well look quite different a few weeks after our third consecutive Eclipse takes place two weeks from now. Are you feeling any changes already?

You never need to be afraid of the changes that Eclipses bring, because whatever changes do occur, it can only be for your highest good. So rather than being in fear of what could change, what would it feel like to embrace change?

Sometimes what changes is not necessary the 'furniture' of your life (aka the people, places, and things). Oftentimes what shifts most profoundly are old beliefs, habits, and perspectives. As the underlying energetic structures that hold these things into place is triggered to shift by the Eclipse's energy, those outdated beliefs, habits, and perspectives transform on their own. Have you perceived this?

The Eclipses are here to annihilate all that isn't in Alignment with your Highest path of Service to this planet. Your Soul knows exactly what you are ready to let go of, transmute, and step forward with during this Eclipse season. There's no stopping the forward momentum of your Soul's evolution...ever.

Would it be possible for you to feel excited about change and transformation? Could you allow the annihilation of all that doesn't serve you anymore to proceed as it will? I know this is a radical stance to take, and it requires a lot of courage, but I believe in you!

On an energetic level, Eclipses literally reboot the cells of your body. It is a miraculous time to embrace the possibilities of instant healing! Visualize your body healed and reborn. Talk to your cells and your organs. Affirm that you are healthy and healed.


As a moon in Aquarius, the focus is on healing the Heart and becoming more Heart-centered.

Ascension is a Heart-centered path. All barriers to opening your Heart completely must be overcome. Opening your Heart completely means being completely open and receptive to Life. It means being completely open and receptive to the energy that the Universe is offering you. Opening your Heart completely means acting in only the most Heart-centered way to every human being and animal you encounter, even if that means telling someone “no” in a direct, confident manner or eating a piece of meat after thanking the animal(s) who gave their life for your benefit.

Opening your Heart completely also means you are liable to be Heartbroken. Heartbreak only occurs for those beings who are brave enough to open their Heart to Life. Narcissistic beings who hurt others don't feel the pain of being Heartbroken because they have not yet reached a level of consciousness where they are willing to feel the pain of Heartbreak themselves. For that reason, too, they cannot feel the pain they inflict unto others.

Heartbreak only occurs to liberate parts of you that you might not even have known were there, or long forgot about. When Heartbreak occurs, it is only a confirmation that your Soul's evolution has just taken a massive leap forward.

If you are feeling Heartbreak, Grief, or Sadness during this moon, know that it is here to liberate you from the density of old energies that your energetic body has moved out of. Often these energies aren't even yours; rather, you are clearing out the pain of your Ancestors. That is part of your Service mission to the All as an Awakening Being.

On a planetary basis, we are likewise undergoing a collective Heart-centered Awakening. As we have entered the Age of Aquarius, the codes of Awakening which were planted during the last Golden Age on this planet—the Age of Leo—are becoming activated during this Ascension. As this Eclipse is as well in the Aquarius/Leo polarity, we can recognize that the codes of Awakening that we planted as incarnates during the Age of Leo in Lemuria and Atlantis are now activating. As timelines collapse during these influxes of Ascension energies, the trauma of the nuclear war and Great Flood which nearly ended all life on this planet at the close of the last Golden Age is being healed now. That's how deep this process is.

The best thing that you can do to assist in all of this is to feel your emotions when they arise. This is easier said than done, I know, but with practice it becomes familiar. When Sadness arises, be with it. Go deeper. When Grief arises, be with it. Go deeper. When Rage arises, be with it. Go within and feel it and do not express it outward. (Anger expressed outward only creates more karma. Anger felt inward dissolves karma).


Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron are all retrograde right now. Wow! What this means is that the time is very ripe for rapid, radical inner transformation to occur. When planets go retrograde, the themes of those planets will oft arise in your experience in order to bring more Light to perspectives within you that are ready to be shifted into perspectives more aligned with your Higher Self.

For example, Mercury is the planet of communication. During a retrograde phase, there may be disruptions in communications, yes—but because of this it allows you an opportunity to more carefully, deeply, and authentically communicate with others and yourself. So if you remind yourself that your communication needs to be more precise than ever because of the retrograde phase, it allows you to come into deeper communion with the authentic and clear way in which the Highest aspect of you communicates. Do you see?

With Mars being retrograde, it gives us the opportunity to learn to express the masculine energies in a healthy way. Many narcissistic types are so asleep in illusion that they feel they must hurt others-- physically or emotionally--in order to feel safe. Those with these tendencies have the opportunity in this retrograde phase to learn how to embody more of the Divine Masculine energies of inner strength and willpower. For us empaths who would never hurt another, it provides an opportunity for us to see if we can see the inherent Divinity in All, including in war, battles, fights, and patterns of abuse.

I am not saying that war, battles, fights, or patterns of abuse are OK. Eventually these will all be eradicated from this planet. What I am saying is that as empaths and Lightworkers we have the opportunity as Beings growing into nonduality to see that all has a purpose and all Beings are evolving spiritually, even if part of that process includes acting out in the most atrocious of ways.

With Chiron being in retrograde this whole summer, it amplifies the opportunity for the deepest, most ancient wounds (like the wounds from Lemuria/Atlantis that I spoke of) to come to the surface to be healed once and for all. This is by design. The time of the Ascension is NOW, and it is accelerating. Us healers and Lightworkers need to go through the deepest of healing processes in order to come into alignment with our Ascended selves, as the spiritual leaders of this Ascended Earth.

P.S. If you feel that it would be helpful to have someone experienced to help pull those wounds to the surface to be cleared, book an Intuitive Healing & Coaching session with me. When you work with a healer like me or anyone else with the intention of facing your deepest wounds, you will be amazed at the transformation you can make in just an hour's time. Click here for more info and to book. TIPS FOR SELF-CARE

When the energies are especially intense like they are now, it becomes more important than ever to take care of ourselves physically and spiritually. Here are some tips to help you get through these Eclipses:

Sleep: We require more sleep during the Ascension process. When the energies are especially intense, sleep is even more important. Drink some valerian, chamomile, or lemon balm tea before bed to help you sleep (or take a magnesium supplement).

Feet on the Ground: Spend as much time as you can with your bare feet on the ground to absorb the Earth's energy, and to ground the Ascension energies blasting in from the cosmos. For 24 other ways to ground, check out my article here.

Spend Time in Nature: Spending time in communion with Nature is a miraculous form of self-healing. Allow Mother Earth to absorb all that you are letting go of and transmute it into Light. You likewise serve Gaia by grounding the Ascension energies into her Grid with your physical beingness.

Stay Hydrated: Drink extra water. Add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt to your water to add in trace minerals. To start the day super-hydrated, squeeze ½ of a lemon into 16 oz. of water and drink upon waking.

Breathe: If you have a conscious breathing practice, don't forget it! It's especially important now. If you don't, just try being with your breath for a minute or so in the morning and before bed.

Yoga, Tai Chi & Qigong: These practices help your body to integrate the intense energies.

Lighten your Load: Try to avoid overburdening yourself with work or social obligations. If you want to say “no” to doing something, then say “no.” You have permission!

Clean Up Your Diet: When you feed yourself only the most nutritious, organic food, you are sending the message to your cells that you are there to give them the very best nutrition. It is a great act of Love to feed yourself only the best! If your diet isn't very good right now, just start slowly substituting in more nutrient-dense options. (If you'd like help knowing what to eat for your body, book an Intuitive Nutrition Reading with me!)

Self-Love: There are so many ways to practice Self-Love. Just not being mean to yourself is a great act of Self-Love. Not feeding into negative or self-destructive thoughts is also a great act of Self-Love. As is being patient with yourself. Having a simple Self-Love practice like saying “I Love You” to yourself (in the mirror is even more powerful) morning and night is radically healing. I am wishing you the most magical Full Moon and Eclipse, and the most transformational Eclipse season. I am here cheering you on every step of the way! With Love, Matthew John <3 P.S. My popular webinar series is back! In just a few days we will be diving deep into the topic of the Dark Night of the Soul. If you feel like you are in a Dark Night, or if you've ever been in a Dark Night or even know someone who is going through a Dark Night, this webinar is going to be deeply transformational for you! Please join me on Tuesday, August 7 at 4 PM New York Time / 3 PM Chicago / 1 PM Los Angeles / 9 PM London / 6 AM on Aug. 8 in Sydney. It is payment-optional, with a suggested donation of $15-30 USD if you can afford that. Advanced registration is required. Sign up here! Matthew John is an internationally-known Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, and Speaker. He offers an array of free videos and articles on his website and Facebook page, as well as private 1-on-1 sessions. You can find more information about and book a Soul Plan Reading, Intuitive Nutrition Reading, Intuitive Healing & Coaching session, Starseed Coaching session, or an Awakening Coaching session at his website Please also visit his Facebook page at

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