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Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Happy Full Moon in Pisces! This Full Moon became exact on August 26 at 7:56 a.m. EDT (11:56 GMT).

Whew! We have OFFICIALLY made it to the end of Eclipse season! Take a moment to take stock. What is different in your physical landscape now than in the beginning of July? What is different in your INNER landscape now? The changes, shifts, upgrades, and healings that the Eclipses bring take time to anchor. It might take some more time for you to be able to look back and see how much you've shifted over the past six weeks.

Now that Eclipse season has ended and with Mars going direct, it's 'all systems go' for moving forward with new projects, making that move, moving on from that relationship, or taking that job. And if you know what it is that you want to do in the near future, but it's just not realistic for it to happen right now, then make a plan. Write down all the things you need to get done for it to happen. Make a checklist. There is something very motivating and exciting about making a plan to do that thing you've been yearning to do!

The opposition between the Sun being in practical, meticulous Virgo and the Moon being in intuitive, go-with-the-flow Pisces presents an interesting challenge. What is the relationship between logic and intuition in you? Are you too logical, and not comfortable using your intuition? Are you very intuitive, filled with a lot of ideas, but unable to anchor them in a practical way? Finding that balance between the logical/practical and the intuitive/spontaneous sides of ourselves is a crucial marker of Spiritual Maturity.

It is also a way of evaluating the balance of the interplay between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within. The Divine Feminine is the side of you that downloads those really amazing ideas, but without the Divine Masculine to balance, the ideas will never see the light of day. When the Divine Masculine is awake within you as well, you can receive the intuitive information and ideas, take the ones that are practical and make a plan to start implementing them, while stowing away the other ideas for a later date.

Ideally, you want to be as grounded as you are intuitive; as practical as you are expanded; as open as you are knowledgeable; and as Joyful as you are successful. The Universe seeks this balance for you, and all of your experiences in one way or another seek to perfect the balance of energies within.


One way in which the spiritual journey plays out is that it is a transition from ego-consciousness to Soul-consciousness. We all begin our lives as children and teens living almost exclusively in ego-consciousness, then when our spiritual journey is initiated, we begin the transition process toward eventually embodying 100% Soul-consciousness.

One of the booby traps of the spiritual journey is when someone becomes too sure of what is going on in their lives, what it all means, and where they are on their spiritual journey. When this happens and someone is too sure about everything, it means the ego has hijacked the spiritual journey and made it something that it can control. When this occurs, one often plateaus in their spiritual evolution, before an event or sequence of events causes the ego to enter a state of confusion or even feeling attacked/victimized by God/Creator/Source. What follows is often the Dark Night of the Soul.

When the ego can no longer make sense of the spiritual journey, or even if it believes it has completely lost control of the spiritual journey, this is when the person is able to enter a deeper state of surrender, and the ego is able to integrate further back into the Light of the Soul as the person seeks healing and deeper meaning. When this Dark Night of the Soul ends, the person is wiser, there is less of a hardened ego shell to be found, and often the person's circumstances are vastly different. And then, with less of an ego shell to be found, the spiritual initiate is able to step into a new phase of the spiritual journey.

I relay this parable to you to remind you to be weary of when you are 100% sure about the meaning of something in your life or about your journey. Any time you feel you have an ideology or piece of knowledge to defend, know that it is a part of your ego that has not yet integrated yet which is doing the defending of that ideology or piece of knowledge. When you know something to be true yet are not identified with knowing it is true, you can allow someone else to tell you it is false without feeling the need to defend it. For example, if a young child came up to you and said “There's no such thing as aliens!” would you feel the need to defend your belief and correct the child, or could you just say “OK, honey” and smile?

It is healthy to have a shroud of doubt—or more accurately, it is healthy to have a part of you that is open to all possibilities. It is healthy to have a part of you that stays open to the possibility of anything being true! When there is a part of you that can be OK with NOT knowing all the answers, life retains its wonder, it's mystery, its allure.

If you can relay a piece of wisdom or knowledge you've learned or downloaded and still be able to say, “But I could be wrong!” or “but who knows?”, that is a sign of a certain level of Spiritual Maturity. I mean, let's face it, you are currently some sort of conscious being incarnated into a body so complex that there's not a single doctor, scientist, or shaman on this planet who as of yet knows exactly, 100% how it works; on a planet which science says has 8.7 million different species of animals; hurdling through space in a galaxy which science says has 100 billion different planets—so, really, who knows? Wishing you a Full Moon filled with lots of Love and some old-fashioned childlike wonder. Matthew John <3


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